We value our patients' experience at Old Mill Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Samuel E. Durbin

In January, I began experiencing severe, left lower back pain which sent me to the ER.  After CT scans, MRI, numerous blood tests and more, they still had no diagnosis.  My daughter urged me to try chiropractic for my pain and recommended Old Mill Chiropractic.  Since I started treatment at OMC, my pain level went from 8 or 9, to 1 or 2 in a matter of 2 weeks!  Dr. Durbin and his staff are friendly and professional.  They answered all of my questions and provide great customer service.  I can't thank them enough for helping me feel better.  I would recommend Old Mill chiropractic to anyone with back troubles.  Just awesome!

David S., patient since 2018

I was first referred to Old Mill Chiropractic by my mother, who has been coming here for years.  I started seeing Dr. Durbin for a back injury that was causing pain in my lower right back.  Since coming for treatment every few days while having pain, my back pain in now minimal to none.  The office is such a lovely environment with friendly staff.  Dr. Durbin, as well as his staff, are very knowledgeable and kind.  I've been to other chiropractors and Old Mill Chiropractic is still the best!

Taylor M., patient since 2015

I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic suffering from low back and knee pain.  I found OMC through my insurance company and it was so convenient being very close to my house.  Since being treated by Dr. Durbin, the overall pain relief in my back has helped my stress levels tremendously.  The pain in my knees is virtually gone!  The staff here at OMC is amazing!  They are welcoming and inviting.  I like that they call me by my nickname and always have nice things to say.  I love the office space, it has a very homey feel- and excellent music!  A++ service!

Kat S., patient since 2018


I was referred to Dr. Coogan from a friend of mine, Laura, and patient of Dr. Coogan.  I am currently recovering from breast cancer.  The chemotherapy, surgery and hormonal therapy have had a big impact on my body.  Chiropractic has helped me loosen tight connective tissue, increased function in my joints and reduced pain and inflammation in several parts of my body.  Doc and the whole team at Old Mill Chiropractic are always so friendly and helpful.  Thank You!!

Shelley G.  patient since 2016 

I have had low back and neck pain for a long time!  The pain and fatigue was getting worse and I was getting nowhere with my other treatment.  I was referred to Dr. Coogan through my insurance company.  I checked their website and liked all of the positive comments from patients.  I am amazed by how much better I feel.  I had pretty much accepted that because of my medical conditions I would hurt.  Thanks to Dr. Coogan I feel so much better, I'm standing taller and able to finally take deep breaths.  The fatigue that was caused by pain is GONE!  DOC is the BEST!!  He is knowledgeable and gentle.  He genuinely cares about his patients.  I have multiple areas that needed treatment.  Every area is at least 75% better.  Doc's assistants and lovely wife Annie are exceptional!  Thank you for helping me get rid of my unwanted constant companion-PAIN.  I am grateful to have such a wonderful doctor as close to home and wonder daily "why I didn't come sooner."  

Cheryl I.  patient since 2016

I worked at Old Mill Chiropractic for 3 1/2 years.  I have also been treated by Doc for my low back pain and leg pain.   Doc has helped me not only with regular adjustments, but also by teaching me how to stay well with stretches and exercises to strengthen my back at home.  Doc and Annie are not only staff, but friends!  They have helped me in so many ways.  They always make time for their patients and I love that I can pop in anytime!  Doc always goes above and beyond to help his patients get the treatment they need.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Christy C.  patient since 2009

I've recently been coming to Old Mill Chiropractic because I was rear-ended by another vehicle while I was sitting at a stop light.  I was a patient of Dr. Coogan's in the past as well.  Since I've started coming to see Dr. Coogan I am able to move my neck and shoulders better.  I also have less pain and soreness in my buttocks and lower back.  Dr. Coogan is a great doctor and cares about his patients.  Dr. Coogan's staff is pleasant and professional.  I would recommend anyone to come to see Dr. Coogan.  I'ms sure you would feel 100% better.  Your health is his main concern!

Rose P.  patient since 2016

When I was 11 years old my dad brought me to see Dr. Coogan.  I was born with separated pelvis and was also injured at work.  I am now able to remain painless with once a month treatments!  Dr. Coogan and his staff have always been great!  Doc Coogan really knows how to pick great employees!!  I would absolutely refer Dr. Coogan to anyone I know.  

Matt G.  patient since 1994 

I first came in to see Dr. Coogan because I was having numbness in both feet...and my wife told me to!  A friend and our hair dresser referred me in to the office.  Since I've started chiropractic treatment the pain and numbness has gone from an "8" to a "3".  The treatments and the staff (even the doctor!) have all been professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.  You can be sure you will only get the treatment you need and only as long as it is necessary.  It will be easy to recommend them to others. 

Glenn B. patient since 2011

I was recently in a car accident and referred to Dr. Coogan by my attorney, Mike Young.  Since starting treatment, I have had decreased headaches and I am able to extend my arm again with minimal pain.  Old Mill Chiropractic has flexible appointments and walk-ins anytime, THANK YOU!!!   I would also like to say thank you very much for being so loving towards my son.

Lashun C.  patient since 2016

I was referred to Old Mill Chiropractic by Dr. Radel.  I first came to the office because I had daily headaches.  Since I've started chiropractic treatment my headache pain has reduced to just tightness.  As Dr. Coogan said, he has "lots of toys" and he has the experience to make a positive difference.  I was beginning to believe that I would always have these headaches.  But with Dr. Coogan's help I know that the pain can be reduced and managed, and hopefully eliminated at some point. 

Marcia M.  patient since 2015

I first came to the office because I phoned in on the weekend and someone actually answered!  The office was close to home.  I was  having low back pain.  Since I've started treatment, I am able to move around at work and complete my duties as needed.  The Doctor and office staff are very nice and easy to talk with.  

Tom D.  patient since 2009

I was referred to Old Mill Chiropractic form my mom who has been coming to see Dr. Coogan for years.  I was recently in a car accident and came in to get relief from Dr. Coogan.  I have made great progress since I have been coming!  I don't have daily headaches anymore and I am almost 100% pain free during the day!  Dr. Coogan is determined to ge tyou back to feeling 100%.  His staff are also considered like family to us, they all truly do care!  Doc Coogan is the best at his job and has the perfect staff to make it all that much more enjoyable to come here!

Angie W.  patient since 1996 

I started coming into Old Mill Chiropractic for back and neck pain.  Since coming to see Dr. Coogan I have increased mobility, able to run and bike again wit h greatly reduced pain!  Dr. Coogan has done a great job at helping me get back to the activities I enjoy.  He and the staff are remarkably friendly and progressional.  I am really pleased with the treatment I have received at Old Mill Chiropractic.  

James K.  patient since 2012

I was referred to Dr. Coogan from your employee Kris!  The reason I came to Old Mill Chiropractic is because I was in a car accident and was having low back and neck pain.  I have made great progress so far and feeling a lot better!  Everyone in the office is veyr sweet and I love coming to Old Mill Chiropractic.  I would recommend Dr. Coogan to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!

Amanda T.  patient since 2015

I was referred to Dr. Coogan's office from my attorney, Lorenzo Hester, after I was involved in an auto accident.  I had back, neck, and shoulder pain.  Since I've started treatments I have had relief, relief!  The pain wasn't as frequent upon receiving treatment.  Dr. Coogan has "magical hands."  He's the friendliest doctor that I have ever encountered. The staff is great, and call me by name from the moment I walk in the office.  They also have flexible hours that fit my lifestyle.  Thank you for making me feel better.  My shoulders are in a relaxed state.  Before it felt like my shoulders were hanging out with my ears!!

Jocelyn T.  patient since 2015

My mom referred me to Old Mill Chiropractic.  I came in to see Dr. Coogan for neck pain due to my teachers giving me too much homework!  I am no longer being treated and feel much better due to the great care I've received from Doc Coogan!  One word describes my visits to Old Mill Chiropractic, "AWESOME"!

Madeline O.  patient since 2013

I was referred to the office by a co-worker.  I threw my low back out 2 days before Christmas.  Dr. Coogan took me in on Christmas Eve morning.  He took great care of me, and relieved my pain for the holiday!  I was very grateful!  Since my start of chiropractic treatments, I have great improvements.  I'm much more active now.  Everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to.  It's nice to be able to just walk in without an appointment if you're having a bad day.  Always a friendly face and I love Annie's homemade cookies!  

Angela R.  patient since 2012 

I came in to see Dr. Coogan for low back pain, neck pain, and foot pain.  Another patient, Laurie, referred me into the office.  Since I began the chiropractic treatments, the daily pain has gotten manageable.  It does not bother me on a daily basis.  My foot plantar fasciitis has really stopped with the use of the Straussburg sock.  It is a pleasant visit every time I come in.  It is also nice to be able to call and always get in right away. The office staff are the best.  It is nice not to be pressured to come in-but when needed, he is always available.  Thanks for the great experience! 

Pat G.  patient since 2011

I first came into Old Mill Chiropractic for lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.  It was very painful.  My son-in-law, Joe, referred me to the office back in 2000.  My first treatment with Dr. Coogan he called me that evening and checked on me.  He definitely won me over, and that was 14 years ago!  Dr. Coogan's treatment works so well.  I get so much relief.  If I would go to my medical doctor they would just give me oral medication to "mask" my problem, not treat it.  I love how the office is flexible and takes you as a walk-in.  The staff is always very friendly and accomodative to my needs. I would recommend Dr. Coogan to anyone.

Nancy S. patient since 2000

In 1994 I started coming to Doc Coogan's office for low back pain.  I'm very happy I drove by and found his office!  After my initial treatment, I have been on a maintenance schedule and pain free!!  They are a friendly office who responds to calls and is willing to meet with me when I am in town!  Best care and no pain!!

Dianna F.  patient since 1991

I started coming to Old Mill Chiropractic due to my low back pain and pinched nerve down my left leg.  Since I started coming here I have had much less pain and numbness in my leg.  Possibly saving me from having surgery. My favorite thing to do is the decompression table.  I'm so glad that I happened to drive by and find Old Mill Chiropractic.  I have no complaints at all and give Old Mill a triple plus rating.  I will recommend you to others!!

Eric P.  patient since 2014

I come into Old Mill Chiropractic to see Dr. Coogan because of my back trouble and I have difficulty walking.  Since I have been Dr. Coogans patient I have been able to stay healthy enough to be able to still care for myself.  My daughter, Linda, referred me to the office.  Everyone has always been so kind to me and made me feel so welcomed.  Without Dr. Coogan's care for these many years I wouldn't have been able to remain active.  Only now, at 88, am I slowing down.

Eddie R.  patient since 1998

I began coming to Old Mill Chiropractic for a herniated disc in my low back.  I was referred here by a friend, Julie.  Since I have started chiropractic treatment I can walk upright, my pain is minimal, I'm sleeping through the night, and I am much more pleasant!  My treatment has been excellent, the staff are great, and the Doctor is very knowledgeable.  

David E.  patient since 2013

I have been coming to Old Mill Chiropractic on and off for 25 years, but I don't look any older.  :)   Within days of treatment, I have significant improvement in my mobility.  The office is very flexible on availability for appointments.  The staff is very friendly and they have great coffee and snacks!  Also, the music is always the good ole oldies.

Judy A. patient 2000

I was referred to Old Mill Chiropractic by a co-worker of mine due to my low back pain.  In the first week of coming I have made great progress.  I am now able to make sudden transitions with little to no pain.  If you are looking fro a doctor and staff that takes the time to listen, analyze, and ask questions to uncover your needs and concerns to provide the right treatment, you are at the right place.  "Old Mill Chiropractic" !!  They have always helped me in a timely manner.  This team is very professional.  

Latoya R.  patient since 2013

Dr. Coogans son Sean, and my son Evan, attend CBC together, which is how I was referred into the office.  I began to come to the chiropractor because of my herniated discs, sciatic pain, and headaches. Since my treatments the pain in my back and right leg has significantly reduced.  The decompression table has helped tremendously.  My headaches have decreased.  Dr. Coogan is AMAZING!  I felt relief and 50% better immediately after treatment.  I love the walk-in policy!  We are so busy....I appreciate the fact I can pop in for treatment on my schedule. 

Grace O.  patient since 2013

I was referred to Dr. Coogan's office by my granddaughter Laura.  I was having pain in my feet and my back.  Since treatment has started I have been relieved from most of my pain in both areas.  Doc and his staff are very professional and I would have no problem referring friends for treatment.  

Glenn B.  patient since 2011

I was referred to Old Mill Chiropractic by my wife, Marica, for neck, low back, and knee pain.  I have made good progress since I've started chiropractic treatment.  The treatments do work because Doc and his staff know what to do.  I don't know how I would have gotten along without Dr. Dan Coogan!  Thank you!

Mike C.  patient since 2006

I was looking for a chiropractor on the internet and found Old Mill Chiropractic.  I just wanted monthly maintenance.  Since I've started coming to Dr. Coogan's office I've felt better than ever.  I love the fact that i do NOT need an appointment and taht I can show up when the office is open and be treated in a timely manner. 

John M.  patient since 2011

I was referred by my closest friend who is also a patient here.  I came in for help with my out of place hip and migraines.  Both my hips and neck are much better and I don't have much trouble with either anymore.  Doc has also helped with my restless leg syndrome by putting me on the decompression table.  I have almost no more restless legs...quite amazing!  All of the staff working under Doc is very courteous.  They all seem to have a great working relationship with one another.  This makes for a very relaxing environment.  I am so glad I made the switch.  I feel so much better on a daily basis and will continue to see Doc Coogan for a long time!

Nancy T.  patient since 2012

When I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic I had severe lower back and right hip pain.  I was unable to transition from sitting to walking without pain.  I started treatment here and shortly it was delayed due to emergency surgery.  When treatment was resumed some changes were made and the results have been better.  I can now transition from sitting to walking with less pain.  A good friend of mine had referred me to "Dr. Dan", as many of her family members receive his care when needed.  My whole experience has been great.  Everyone is so nice to work with.  My neighbor was looking for a new chiropractor so I recommended "Dr. Dan" because I am satisfied with the service and the people. 

Pat E.  patient since 2012

I was referred to Old Mill Chiropractic by a friend after being in a car accident.  I had a concussion, upper and lower back pain, and neck pain.  Since I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Coogan my upper back, low back and neck pain h ave all decreased alot.  My treatment has surely helped me recover well.  The specific treatments for each individual problem were just right!  I would like to say that Dr. Coogan made me feel very comfortable at every visit.  His focus and professionalism is great, which helped me to relax at each visit.  I also appreciate the staff and their kindness. 

Patria J.  patient since 2012 

After being in a car accident I was referred to Dr. Coogan by a friend.  The accident left me experiencing low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches.  Since I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Coogan I have had a decrease in all of the above symptoms.  Dr. Coogan has a way about him that makes me feel comfortable.  I appreciate the kindness and sense of humor from the staff as well.  I am a chiropractor myself and I am proud to be working toward the same vision as Dr. Coogan.  He inspires me!

Patryce J.  patient since 2012 

I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic for neck and back pain, issues with my achilles tendon, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a knee injury.  I was referred to Dr. Coogan by members of my family who were already patients of his.  Since I started chiropractic treatment with Dr. Coogan I can manage my pain by staying adjusted.  Also my carpal tunnel syndrome is so much better.  I was so grateful when Dr. Coogan was able to get my daughter pain-free after a fall that she had a few years ago as well.  I am also pleased and proud to say that thanks to Dr. Coogan and his auricular therapy I am now a non-smoker after 30 years of smoking. 

Laura F.  patient since 2005

For two months I had been suffering from a sinus infection.  Two different antibiotics and a dose of steroids hadn't kicked it.  A co-worker of mine, Kali, told me she found relief from treatment that Dr. Coogan have her.  I notice an improvement from the adjustment and acupuncture before I left the office. The nagging headache and sinus pressure I had experienced for two months faded away more and more each day.  I feel like myself again.  Dr. Coogan and all of his staff made me feel so comfortable from the moment I stepped into the door.   When I call, they all seem to know exactly who I am.  I love the friendliness of the staff.  It's very easy to talk to Dr. Coogan and he explains things to me about treatment and preventative measures in a way I can understand.  I have nothing negative to say about my experience at Old Mill Chiropractic.  It had been over 10 years since I'd seen a chiropractor.  I am so pleased Kali recommended Dr. Coogan.  I should have started treatments months ago and maybe I could have avoided all of the expense I went through with medical doctors and medicine.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart (and top of my head)!

Teri N.  patient since 2012

I first came to see Dr. Coogan 12 years ago after moving here from Ohio and seeing an ad.  When my back gegan to hurt a lot I returned for help and have come monthly when possible.  Coming once a month for "maintenance" helps me to avoid a re-occurrence and avoid injury.  Since beginning chiropractic treatment I have been able to identify several problem areas in my back that have improved and are currently pain free most of the time.  Any re-occurrence has been dealt with swiftly and thoroughly.  Everyone here has been very flexible with appointments.  The staff is very personable and welcoming.  Thanks for being available and genuinely caring about me.

Mary Jane G.  patient since 1999

I came to see Dr. Coogan for low back disc herniation and degenerative disc disease.  Since I've come here I have felt less low back pain, it is easier to walk, do the stairs, and I have experienced increased activity.  I am happier everyday.  I was referred by Dr. Vellinga who is also amazing.  I love coming to Dr. Coogan's office.  I can't say enough good things.  Everyone is friendly, supportive, and helpful.  Dr. Coogan really listens to his patients.  I literally have had better and better days since my first visit here.  I am happy to have forgotten the pain that I used to feel.  Hugs!!!

Brooke A.  patient since 2011

After seeing several other doctors, I searched the Yellow Pages and found Old Mill Chiropractic.  I was experiencing back spasms and cramping, stiff neck, foot numbness and spinal misalignment.  Since my treatment with Dr. Coogan, I am totally better overall.  I now have many more good days than bad.  I honestly didn't think my back would get better, but Doc worked out my problems.  I had seen 3 other chiropractors before Dr. Coogan and none of them helped me like Doc.  He is a great guy and has always been upfront with me.  His staff is awesome and exceptionally friendly.  If Doc were a woman, I would kiss him!  Thanks Doc and Staff!

Michael H.  patient since 2011

My lawyer referred me to this office a year after being in a severe car accident.  The accident caused me to have extreme upper back pain.  Since I've started chiropractic treatment, I am feeling very hopeful for a full recovery.  I have less pain, more energy and just feel better overall.  I was not optimistic about treatment when I first came in, but I was wrong!  The staff at Old Mill and "the man", Dr. Coogan, are all so wonderful and cheery.  I will be a lifer at Old Mill Chiropractic.  Oh, and I love the Keurig coffee and Granola Bars!

Brandy H.  patient since 2011

I first came into Dr. Coogan's office because of an auto accident which aggravated my sciatic nerve problem.  I was referred in from my attorney.  I have experienced pain, numbness, and tingling in my back and it goes down my legs.  This injury was initially caused by an epidural and my pain lasted 7 years, until Dr. Coogan treated me on the decompression table.  I have not had any numbness, pain, or tingling in my back, feet, or legs since I have started treatments with Dr. Coogan.  I usually experience pain at least once or twice a week.   This has not been a problem for me.  I keep anticipating the pain, but to my surprise, I haven't had any.  I have been to a lot of hospitals and doctors offices for medical service.  The staff and doctor here at Old Mill Chiropractic are the friendliest, professional and down to earth people that I have ever met.  They make my office visit feel like I am visiting friends.  I was always greeted with a smile or lots of smiles.  The office staff is very compassionate and caring as well as Dr. Coogan.  I will always come here if I ever need chiropractic care again.  

Kesha W.  patient since 2011

I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic at the urging of my friend, Liz.  She thought that Dr. Coogan might be able to help me with the anxiety attacks that were plaguing me after quitting smoking.  Dr. Coogan had suggested that we try using a protocol of auricular therapy treatment to combat my symptoms. Since I have been seeing Dr. Coogan I have now been able to sleep, breathe, I''m no longer tense all of the time and I don't have to take a valium every other day.  My entire experience here as Old Mill Chiropractic has been great.  From the first time I walked into the office, everyone knew my name, were very friendly.  The staff at Old Mill Chiropractic has never made me feel like "just another appointment for them to deal with."  This entire experience has been very refreshing compared to all of the other doctors office I have been to.

Toni M.  patient since 2011

I was referred to this office from Lorna at the YMCA, and from Dr. Coogan coming to the YMCA once a month.  I came to Old Mill Chiropractic because I have polymyalgia rhematica (can be very painful at times).  I have been to the E.R. twice for it in a 4 year period, mainly to get pain relief when first diagnosed.  Since I've started chiropractic treatment at Old Mill my progress has been really great and more manageable.  It is a true fact, the barometer has a lot to do with the level of pain.  My dad used to say "the hotter the weather the better I feel."  I totally agree with that statement.  The laser treatments are very helpful.  I wish I had that machine at home.  Dr. Coogan and I say if there was a walk in unit it would be what I need.  Everyone in the office is so friendly.  I was surprised to hear my insurance helps cover my visits.  I've never seen a better staff that gets along so well.  I totally believe in chiropractors.  I hate drugs and all the side affects. Fix the problem, and you don't need the drugs.  Drugs only cover the matter; find the source and it is fixable in most cases.  A great chiropractor will tell you when it is a medical condition to see a medical doctor.  Thanks for all your help and support.  

Charlene S.  patient since 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Coogan for over 15 years for regular chiropractic care.  The reason for my most recent appointments is for my menopausal hot flashes.  They were keeping me from sleeping through the night.  After 2 weeks of auricular therapy my hot flashes went from waking me up 7 or 8 times a night to once or twice a night.  And they were not as disruptive to my sleep.  I tried vitamins, herbal supplements and creams for hot flashes over the lats 6 years and auricular therapy is the only treatment that gave me relief.  The office staff and Dr. Coogan are great.  They work around my schedule and are always pleasant and caring.  Thanks Dr. Coogan!

Marci B.  patient since 1992

I have been receiving chiropractic care for my lower back and neck pain.  Chiropractic care has provided me with the ability to regularly do sports related activities and work without soreness and pain.  Dr. Coogan and his staff treat me like a member of their family.  My treatments are specific to my many needs.  I always leave the office feeling as if the time I spent was worth while and well worth the cost. Thanks!

Ryan D.  patient since 2008

I came in to see Dr. Coogan because I had two concussions.  My progress was amazing, thanks to Dr. Coogan.  No one else could figure out why I was still having light headed feelings months after I was injured.  I literally saw 8 doctors before I cam to Dr. Coogan, and he is the one who figured it out.  After all the MRI's, CT's, EEG's, neuro psychological testing, audiologists testing, allergy testing, Dr. Coogan was my savior to my madness.  With my first adjustment, he was able to relieve the "hangover" feeling that I had thought was a way of life for me.  I was certain I was no longer going to be able to work in the fast pace mortgage industry I had been in for over 15 years.  Thanks to Dr. Coogan, and his amazing staff, for their ability to be patient with a person that could not think clearly.  I got my life back!!!  I love you guys! 

Toni Z.  patient since 2004

I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back with Dr. Coogan's help.  I have gone from being in constant pain and needing assistance with shopping and chores, to just occasional pain and fatigue.  My family and I are long time patient of OMC.  The office staff is always so friendly and helpful.  They always do what they can to make me comfortable.  If I hadn't gone the chiropractic route for my treatment and diagnosis, I am not confident that I would have received such a quick referral to the pain clinic.  I got back on my feet as quickly as I did because of chiropractic.  Thank you Dr. Coogan.

Jennifer C.  patient since 2006 

Neck pain radiating down my left arm, mid back pain, headaches, and significant pain while turning my neck is the reason I first began to come to Old Mill Chiropractic.  A co-worker, Lindsey, referred me here.  Now, my headaches have just about disappeared.  The pain in my arm, which was a daily battle, has changed to just a pulling sensation.  I had tried the whole traditional medical scenario.  My doctor sent me to P.T. for several weeks, a neurologist, a MRI, x-rays, and neuro-science surgeon.  I had no relief.  I was told to live with it or do an exploratory surgery.  Since I came to Old Mill Chiropractic there is such a difference!  I am delighted.  I can also now turn my head both ways!  Everyone here is so great.  They are always friendly, understanding, and accommodating to my busy schedule.  

Cynthia S.  patient since 1995

Traditionally, the Star Patient of the Month is chosen by the staff.  Usually this is a person who has had great results in our office.  These are always people whose lives we have had a positive affect on.  However, every once in a very great while there is a patient who has a positive affect on the lives of myself and my staff.  Mr. Ell, affectionately known as "Red", was certainly one of those special people.  In the last 25 years, my clinic h as seen over 10,000 people. Red is in our "Top 5" of all of them.  No, he was not a patient who had great results, but he was a person who touched our souls.  Every time he walked through the door our lives were positively affected.  Red, for the last year I knew your days were numbered once the cancer had spread.  Never did you dwell on your pain, or the death that awaited you.  Always with a wink and a smile.  Ravaged with disease, your spirit remained strong.  You were truly amazing.  It is a comfort to know we have helped so many people, but I will never forget the one who helped us.  Red, you touched our hearts and souls.  So here's to you-the best of the best-and our choice for January 2011 Star Patient of the Month.  


I had originally known Dr. Coogan as one of my clients at work.  However, after experiencing continuous back problems, I decided to become one of Doc's clients.  I have had back problems my entire adult life.  Doc has worked out the kinks and literally keeps me walking everyday!  I always feel a lot better after I come in for an adjustment.  When I see Doc on a regular basis I can do my normal routine a lot easier.  Doc and the staff are just great!  They always get me in and out without waiting and they never have a problem when I have to change my appointment.  They definitely give me the TLC that I need when I'm hurting.

Janice P.  patient since 2006

When I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic, it was for my low back pain.  Dr. Normile referred me to Dr. Coogan.  My progress has been fabulous.  I'm able to do most of my activities with minor, or no pain.  As long as I keep doing my exercises outside of appointments, my back continues to feel better when it flares up.  Ice, exercises, stretching and making my appointments helps.  I was raised that Chiropractic was a "no-no", but not having relief from just exercise and physical therapy, and not being able to consider any surgeries-I tried Dr. Coogan.  He was understanding and patient with my apprehensiveness.  Taking Dr. Coogans suggestions of making exercise/stretching a habit as brushing my teeth-Great analogy-has helped me to stay more committed to it.  Thanks Dr. Coogan, I'm glad I did.

Carolyn F.  patient since 2010

On the urging and referral of both my husband, Michael and my neighbor, Cindy C., I finally came to see Dr. Coogan about one month ago.  I had been experiencing chronic migraines, upper back and neck pain for quite some time.  I had avoided receiving chiropractic care because honestly, I was terrified of it.  I simply didn't want to hear the cracking noise that I thought was associated with an adjustment.  The doctor and staff were very sensitive to this fear and did a great job of alleviating my concerns.  I am happy to report that I haven't had a migraine since I started treatment.  I have also noticed a significant improvement in my neck pain and tension.  

Laura W.  patient since 2010

Lower back pain was the reason that I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic.  The results I have received from my treatment here have been wonderful!  When I get adjusted, I feel like a new person, my back doesn't bother me and I'm a lot more flexible.  I really appreciate the fact that I can walk in or call and Doc always gets me in to see him.  There is no better chiropractor than Doc Coogan!  I would tell anyone to try chiropractic care before drugs or surgery.  The results will amaze you!

Steve P.  patient since 1998

I first came to Old Mill Chiropractic after waking up one night with terrible and unusual pain in my knees.  After visiting the ER and receiving no solution there, my Grandmother suggested that we try Dr. Coogan.  Since I've started my chiropractic treatments here, I have no more knee pain and the stiffness in my neck and low back has decreased.  Dr. Coogan and his staff are all very friendly, courteous and easy to talk to. 

Amy V.  patient since 2010

I began coming to Old Mill Chiropractic after being injured in a motor vehicle accident.  I was referred to Dr. Coogan by my daughter Amanda who was already a patient of his.  Before treatment I was experiencing excruciating headaches, neck and back aches.  Since my treatment, I have not had any headaches for over a month and the back and neck aches have also subsided.  Coming to Old Mill Chiropractic is pleasant, the staff and Dr. Coogan have been wonderful and accommodating to my work schedule.  I cannot thank the doctor and his staff enough.  The difference in my headaches is nothing short of a miracle!

Cindy R. patient since 2010

My wife first referred me to Old Mill Chiropractic when I was experiencing low back pain due to spinal stenosis.  I have been regularly visiting for several years for back maintenance and other pains (arm, leg, neck, etc) and have always been relieved of the pain.  I have gone from barely functioning to very active.  My back pain rarely occurs anymore.  Every visit has been outstanding!  Doc is the best chiropractor I have seen and the staff is always awesome!

Don W.  patient since 2005

I first heard about Old Mill Chiropractic from the best massage therapist in St. Charles County, Katy B. She recommended that I try acupuncture for the bunions that I have on both feet. Since starting treatment, my progress has been significant!  I teach school and am on my feet everyday.  I really didn't see surgery as an option (which is what everyone recommended).  But I needed pain relief!  I really never thought it was possible for my feet to feel this good.  I had acupuncture done at another office and the results were okay, but the laser treatment here has made all the difference!  Even my teaching partners say I've stopped complaining.  I love the efficiency, organization, and true concern.  Doc has done acupuncture and laser treatments on my feet and I'm truly pain free---and I'm a big whiner! 

Cheryl B. patient since 2009

After being in an automobile accident which resulted in whiplash, upper and lower back, hip and knee pain, I was referred to Dr. Coogan by a fellow patient, Connie V.  A mere 3 weeks after starting treatment, I was able to wake up with no pain in my lower back!  I can't express in words how I feel about the service and encouragement Dr. Coogan and his staff have given to me.  They are cheerful, flexible and of course Dr. Coogan is so sweet and gentle.  I too, would recommend Dr. Coogan to anyone.  Thanks Connie!  

Doris R. patient since 2009

I met Dr. Coogan at YMCA-St Peters. His staff has always been efficient and friendly. They make it a joy to come in for treatment. I can depend on Dr. Coogan to get the kinks and pain out of my back and neck. Love ya, Doc. 

Shirley C. patient since 2008 

I was in a substantial car accident in 1985 which resulted in severe neck and low back pain, with 2 bulging disc... The Medical Doctors prescribed pain killers and suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon. Since I've been going to Dr. Coogan, I've had no pain! Most importantly through chiropractic care I've experienced progress and I have not needed pain medication or surgery.

 MaryBeth N.  patient since 1985

I have been a patient of Dr. Coogan's for more than 10 years. Each time I come in, Dr. Coogan takes a "fresh" look at my reason for the appointment. He doesn't assume that because he has adjusted me for 10 years that something new hasn't developed. 

Connie V.  patient since 1994

With my line of work and being over 6 feet tall, I occasionally have severe back pain. I've been to other chiropractors who seemed like their only concern was my payment being on time. But after my first meeting with Dr. Coogan, I knew he was different.  He told me that they would do whatever it took to get me feeling better.... He also showed me exercises and stretches to strenghten my back.

Terry E. patient since 1998

I came to see Dr. Coogan because I suffered from low back and neck pain.  NO amount of money can pay for how good I feel after only one month of treatment. 

Burt M.  patient since 2002

Amanda is now a lively 11 year old girl  but she wasn't always feeling that way.  She came to our office because of chronic stomach cramping and constipation, that she had had since she was diagnosed with colitis at age 3.  After many different remedies, Amanda's parents brought her in, hoping that Dr. Coogan could do what no one else could do for their little girl. Fix her please.

Now her parents say "Amanda is a completely different little girl and we owe it all to Old Mill Chiropractic, Thank You.

Amanda says, "Everyone is friendly and greets me with a smile. I was a little scared about coming at first, but Dr. Coogan made me feel better, and I actually like to come here. My tummy feels so much better. I like that everyone calls me by name, it makes me feel very comfortable. Thank you, ..." 

Amanda A. patient since 2003

I'll never forget when the Doc reviewed my first set of x-rays, he said" do you want the good news or the bad news first." Of course, I said " the good news."

Dr. Coogan told me, "Yours earrings are the only things that are straight on your x-rays." I have often thought of this through the years. I enjoy the wonderful sense of humor shared by everyone at Old Mill Chiropractic. 

Marti B. patient since 1998 

After a accident in 1999, I experienced tremendous pain, I had tried pain pills, steroid injections, all the traditional medicine with no relief. Previous chiropractors gave me little relief, I was in pain and willing to try anything... When I first met Dr. Coogan, I had to crawl out of my truck and could hardly walk in. An hour later, I was able to walk out and go back to work. 

 David B.  patient since 1999

Everyone in this office is so friendly. This office is so accommodating when your in pain, you are able to come in and see Dr. Coogan immediately. Most places you have to wait several days before being able to see the doctor. Thank you Dr. Coogan.

Dusty G. patient since 2004 

My favorite part of my visits is when Dr. Coogan adjust my back--when he does, it feels SO GOOD!

Curtis B. patient since 2005 


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  • "I was referred to Dr. Coogan from a friend of mine, Laura, and patient of Dr. Coogan. I am currently recovering from breast cancer. The chemotherapy, surgery and hormonal therapy have had a big impact on my body. Chiropractic has helped me loosen tight connective tissue, increased function in my joints and reduced pain and inflammation in several parts of my body. Doc and the whole team at Old Mill Chiropractic are always so friendly and helpful. Thank You!!"
    Shelley G. patient since 2016